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Butterflies & Moths

White-pinion Spotted - © Courtesy of Mark Pollitt.Butterflies

A number of rare butterflies have been sighted on Caerlaverock, most famously the Scotch Argus. They love flying about in bright sunlight so look out for them from late July until early September. You might also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a Large Heath or a Wall Brown.


Red-Line Quakers, Yellow-Line Quakers, Red-green Carpets and Brimstones are among the colourfully named moths you may also manage to glimpse as you weave through the pretty, broad leaved woodland bordering The Flooders Trail. Look out too for Red Sward-Grass and Copper Underwing - the visual clue is in the name!


White-pinion Spotted - © Courtesy of Mark Pollitt.